Every time you share your expertise, your next client may be in the audience.

Stop leaving those anonymous fans behind!

It’s never been easier to connect with those audience members that are really inspired by your message. 

If you are an expert who LOVES to share your knowledge, it’s time to uplevel your lead-gen game.

Tune in now and get Wanda Toro Turini’s thoughts on:

  • One of the biggest mistakes experts make on stage while giving presentations
  • How to design an efficient and high-impact presentation, known as a “fishing talk”
  • How to get listeners and audience members to stay in the conversation after the presentation is over
  • How marketers are using texting today, and how Ketchwords has changed the game
  • And much, much more!

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About the Author: Wanda Toro Turini

Wanda Toro Turini, also known as Dr. Wanda or THE Nerdy Girl Entrepreneur is an entrepreneur, marketing expert, and natural inventor. But even more unique...she's also an experienced actor and singer and brings all of her talents together to help speakers optimize their audience engagement through some innovative tech and killer strategy. Her latest brainchild, Ketchwords.com, helps experts, who speak on physical or digital stages, extend the impact of their talks BEYOND their time slot so they can turn those Anonymous Fans into Happy Clients. She's a unique combo of super-analytical and super-creative and an overall blast to be around.

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