In a world of seeming ever increasing Chaos, where almost everything we knew for hundreds of years is changing and and transforming, the question of how we can find the Clarity to navigate life with ease, grace and joy is all the more pressing.

Much of what was once considered not possible is now fast becoming common place. Equally many of the foundations of our core paradigms in life and business are being questioned and in many cases being removed.

At a time when we have seeming infinite technology and resources we have more problems and out of control circumstances global, national, political, economic and social than ever before.

We now have the opportunity to learn, explore, synthesise and master both the best of the timeless lessons of the past and recent research. As we do so and bring together the wisdom from the East and West in whole new ways we can step into a new approach to our lives and business so that we can really thrive – not just survive – in the days ahead.

Equally in our connected world and with new developments it’s going to be easier in theory to build, share and get traction – the only question is towards what end. Going fast in the wrong direction is almost worse than not moving at all. Now is the time you need to remember what really matters to you – not what others are telling you should.

Tune in to hear Simon Hedley’s answers to questions such as:

  • What is the most important skill you think helps people grow and scale?
  • What is the thing that most holds back people in business?
  • Why don’t people nurture more raving fans?
  • What do you think allows people to really influence the world?
  • And much, much more!

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About the Author: Simon Hedley

Simon Hedley is known by his select clients as The Strategic Alchemist. For over two decades he has been primarily working by referral, and often privately behind the scenes as “Simon X”. You can think of him as The Secret Weapon for Good People Doing Great Things. He has a big heart and combines a strong background in banking and finance, with his skills in communication, connection and strategic thinking to help founders grow and scale their businesses.

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