At twenty-four, Jonathan Bowman seemed to have it all: degree from Stanford, great job in the Bay Area, sought-after apartment in the city, and a committed relationship.

The truth is Jonathan is barely hanging on. In a single day, everything falls apart. When Mr. Woodberry, a family friend, takes him in, Jonathan is convinced he will be no better than his
surgeon dad, who also seemed to have it all—until he became addicted to drugs and died in a rehab facility when Jonathan was ten

That’s when Mr. Woodberry begins teaching Jonathan the secrets of his own successful life: what he calls the Breakthrough Code. Through a series of diverse mentors, Jonathan soon discovers the possibility of living a life without limits is closer than he thinks.

In this captivating fable, renowned performance coach Tom McCarthy shares the same principles and habits he shares with top executives, Olympic athletes, and successful entrepreneurs:

• Focus on Less, Then Obsess
• Upgrade Your Story, Upgrade Your Life
• Pack Your Day with Effective Actions

If you, like Jonathan, feel stuck in a limited life, the Breakthrough Code may be your key to unlocking your potential and living the expansive life you were meant to live.

Tune in and discover Tom’s answers to questions such as:

  • Tell us about your background.
  • What is the Breakthrough Code all about?
  • How did you discover it?
  • Talk about the 3 Big Ideas of the Breakthrough Code.
  • What do you mean when you say everything is energy and energy follows thought?
  • And much, much more!

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About the Author: Tom McCarthy

Tom is a father of two, husband of 30 years, CEO or Board Member of 8 companies, early stage investor in over 40 companies and worldwide philanthropist. After a successful career with a Wall Street firm, Tom found his true passion in the field of helping people in business, athletics and life, breakthrough their limitations and step into their full potential. Tom has been the peak performance coach for athletes who have won World Championships and Olympic Gold Medals. In the corporate world, Tom’s clients include Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Salesforce, Met Life and many others. He has also helped several CEO’s and Executive Teams realize their dream of taking their companies public. Tom has been called the World’s #1 High Stakes Performance Coach and he has been selected by Forbes as an expert and thought leader in the areas of leadership, communication, and peak performance for their Knowledge Innovation Center. When the stakes are high, Tom is the coach that the world’s leading companies and peak performers call on to help them win!

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