Tim J.M. Rohrer has been wildly successful in sales. Why? Because he learned from the best.

After a tough start in business, he took a sales job even though he had no experience in the industry. Fortunately, a new sales manager mentored Tim through the challenges of selling.

In turn, Tim has managed and mentored others by sharing the lessons he learned. Now he’s sharing those lessons in a storybook style so that you too can learn from The World’s Greatest Mentor.

Tune in to hear Tim’s answers to questions such as:

  • How did you first meet your mentor?
  • In the book, you describe several lessons. Could you tell us about a favorite or two?
  • What role does mentorship play in today’s world?
  • And much, much more!

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Tim shares several free downloadable white papers on his website: www.timjmrohrer.com

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About the Author: Tim J.M. Rohrer

For more than 25 years, Tim J.M. Rohrer has been leading sales teams to record numbers and it's all because a manager took an interest in him during the early stages of his career. This mentor taught Tim about sales and life and those lessons made him wildly successful. Now he is paying it back by telling the stories that taught him those lessons.

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