One of the pitfalls of being a business coach is that the best coaches often have no problem helping their clients grow their businesses but can’t seem to grow their own business the way they want to.

If this sounds like you, it is not your fault!

Being a business coach is wholly unlike running any other type of business.

As a business coach herself, Terri Levine has helped hundreds of coaches add hundreds of thousands in revenue.

Tune in and discover Terri’s answers to questions such as:

  • Why are you focused on impact, influence, and income?
  • How have you put this to work in your business?
  • What would you suggest a business owner do more of?
  • What would you suggest they do less of?
  • What is the Conversion Equation you write and speak about?
  • And much, much more!

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About the Author: Terri Levine

Known as the business mentoring expert with a heart, Terri is one of the world’s top business and marketing strategists. Terri is known for consulting with business owners to help them move from ineffective traditional sales, marketing and operational methods into effective, authentic and transparent people centered communication models. Terri has over 30 years of business, sales and marketing experience, and has helped over 6,000 business owners reach revenue goals they never thought possible. She is one of the world’s foremost experts on how to market a coaching business. She has built and sold several multi-million dollar companies. She is a best-selling author of over 40 books, and a highly requested keynote speaker at events and conventions throughout the world.

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