We currently live in a time of unprecedented challenges, uncertainty, overwhelming stress, loss of hope at times and a need for mental strength and adaptability to a new way of life.

Traditional ‘positive thinking’, trying to constantly tell yourself that everything is OK, no matter the circumstances, just isn’t enough to make any lasting difference.

Change your life with Paul McKenna – Lose weight, quit smoking, overcome insomnia, eliminate stress and increase your self-confidence.

When you learn the secrets of the power of hypnosis and advanced hypnotic skills, you are helping yourself to make dramatic life changes.

Tune in now and get Paul McKenna’s thoughts on:

  • You have been doing this over 30 years. What has kept your passionate about this?
  • What is the one of the most surprising discoveries you’ve made about human behavior in your career?
  • Can someone be hypnotized against their will?
  • And much, much more!

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About the Author: Paul McKenna

Paul Mckenna, Ph.D, is a hypnotist, international best-selling author, and behavior scientist. Named by the Times of London as one of the world's leading and most important gurus alongside Nelson Mandela and the Dali Lama, he is one of the world's bestselling non-fiction authors, selling over 12 million books in the past decade. Over the past 30 years he has helped millions of people to successfully quit smoking, lose weight, overcome insomnia, eliminate stress and increase self-confidence.

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