We all need to know who we are.

Awareness of who we are can give us skills in resolving conflict and creating belonging, which can help us create a happier life.

Nicole Shir is the author of a book series that centers around The Needs Languages.

This concept makes the connection between personality and communication clear by outlining four Needs: Right, Important, Value, and Control.

Everyone has a combination of two Needs, which means that there are six Needs Languages.

Once a person can assess their own Needs Languages, they can then unlock the door to successful communication with others – even before they meet.

Tune in and discover Nicole’s answers to questions such as:

  • Why is it vital to know who you are?
  • Does knowing who you help you in resolving conflict?
  • Did the pandemic impact people negatively in knowing their personality?
  • How can we help kids discover how to communicate better who they are?
  • Can words tell what personality a person is communicating?
  • And much, much more!

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About the Author: Nicole Shir

Nicole Shir has done a TEDx talk on dating and how we find our ideal person through our personality. She is an entrepreneur and has developed a personality communication model. She is the author of four small books. She has an educational background in conflict resolution and a masters in workplace psychology.

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