You’ll learn…

The real reason you get stuck in procrastination and chaos when you go for something you really want… so you can finally stop feeling guilty and beating yourself up and actually DO something about it.

The hidden factors that are setting you up for unnecessary stress and making everything harder than it needs to be. (Good time management, self-discipline, affirmations, and positive thinking will only get you so far.)

The #1 thing standing in the way of you making consistent, meaningful progress toward the things you really want… even if you don’t know exactly what that is just yet.

Tune in and discover Martha Wilson’s answers to questions such as:

  • How does one go from being undercover at CIA to becoming a success coach?
  • Have you always been one of those “goal-getter” people (that person who loves setting goals and then ticks them off like shooting cans off a fence)?
  • What do you see is the primary thing that keeps people from taking consistent, effective action toward their goal?
  • What’s the difference between mindset or limiting beliefs and hidden programming?
  • What’s the advantage of uncovering my own hidden programming? How does that help me?
  • And much, much more!

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About the Author: Martha Wilson

After 27 years undercover with the CIA, Martha Wilson is an expert at what makes people tick. Her life and the lives of her assets depended on her ability to accurately predict how someone would react in a particular situation and draw out of them the specific internal qualities they would need to successfully execute the mission. She now uses those same skills to help entrepreneurs and leaders navigate the pressures of increasing their impact without losing their freedom. Unlike most success coaches, Martha does not teach her clients to break the internal patterns of thought and feeling that lead to frustrating patterns in business and life – that approach is really hard and ultimately doesn’t work all that well. Rather, she shows them how to reverse engineer that hidden programming and use it to their advantage so they can make the bigger difference they’re here to make and enjoy the ride along the way. Martha has a Master’s degree in International Relations, has served in permanent assignments in 6 countries with temporary assignments in 26 others, and formerly served as the only Arabic speaker on a covert team in the western desert of Iraq. She’s now living her dream on the water in the Florida Keys with her husband and one slightly spoiled cat.

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