Lena Sisco is a former Intelligence Officer and DoD-certified interrogator during the Global War on Terror. She helped save lives then, and she still does now.

Using the psychology of human behavior, she will teach you how to read people, improve your presence in front of people, control a conversation with people, and tell if people are being honest – in any situation.

She will teach you how to be a fearless communicator. 

Know how to be persuasive and confident, go after the truth, and command every conversation you have. 

Tune in to hear Lena’s answers to questions such as:

  • Being an interrogator in GTMO.
  • Biggest feedback I got that helped me become more self-aware of how I come across to others.
  • How confidence plays a role in persuading people to be open and honest.
  • Common communications mistakes that most of us fall victim to – our brain can hijack our awareness.
  • How to accurate vet information for truthfulness.
  • The truths and myths about detecting deception (stress, lies, body language).
  • And much, much more!

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Visit www.thecongruencygroup.com and download a free Trust Guide called, “5 Things I Learned to Control Critical Conversations with Confidence and Get the Truth”.

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About the Author: Lena Sisco

Lena Sisco is a former Naval Intelligence Officer and Marine Corps certified interrogator who served in the Global War on Terror conducting hundreds of interrogations. She is a published author, international keynote speaker, and former TEDx speaker. Lena has been an expert witness on the HBO Series, Burden of Proof, and an Emmy-nominated court TV show for three years as well as a body language expert for multiple news outlets such as FoxLiveNow and CourtTV. She keynotes around the world and is a speaker and expert panelist for both SPYEX and the SPY Museum in Washington, D.C. Since 2003, Lena has been training the Department of Defense, government agencies, law enforcement, special forces, and private sector industries in body language, interviewing and interrogation, statement analysis, detecting deception, elicitation, personality profiling, executive presence, and change leadership. Lena is certified in Organizational Change Management and received her certificate in the Psychology of Leadership from Cornell University. She has a Masters from Brown University in Archaeology and a BA in Anthropology from the University of Rhode Island. She is the CEO and Founder of two companies, The Congruency Group and Sector Intelligence.

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