You already know that regardless of what you are selling, the best outcomes flow from being the best relationship builder first.

It’s about making an emotional connection during every conversation that makes selling easier to allow your clients to buy and more rewarding every single day where the price tag can be a secondary consideration.

You want more A+ level clients, and you want to get more results from every effort versus working harder for fewer results. The pursuit of mastery is intoxicating to you as you go the extra mile to make sure your clients tell you what they want and why they want it so they get what they want. It’s only natural that you get what you want, too.

The trouble is that in a post pandemic world where in person meetings are less frequent and Zoom conversations are more the norm, there is the temptation to let a transactional approach win the day.

As a top sales professional, you know that a foundation built on relationships stands stronger in the face of economic recession, price competition, or world events. It’s a whole lot more fun, too.

But how do you master that?

Joe Pallo says that whether you are selling chicken sh*$, financial services, or high technology, the same core principles apply.

Tune in and discover Joe’s answers to questions such as:

  •  After 30,000 sales calls over 35+ years and millions of dollars in sales booked, what is the single most important lesson you’ve learned so far that can change the game for proven top producers aiming to reach their next level of success?
  • What is the biggest mistake top producers make that costs them the sale and what should they do instead?
  • Tell us about your E.A.R.N.I.N.G. sales system so top producers who are listening can use it now
  • And much, much more!

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About the Author: Joe Pallo

Drawing from 35+ years of commission sales, Joe Pallo is a top sales producer who first earned his hard knocks and big rewards with door to door selling. He’s a powerful storyteller quoted on and beyond who coaches, teaches, and trains by powerful and memorable example. He’s the first to say that whether you are selling chicken sh*$, financial services, or high technology, the same core principles apply. His forthcoming book – How to Sell Nothing: The Salesperson’s Guide to What Really Happens During a Sale – shares the logical way to make an emotional sale.

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