Jeffery Combs is an expert on separating your current feelings from the past events that shape them in a process he coined called “Letting Go.”

The concept of letting go is that everything you do in life has a payoff.

Whether good or bad, you do certain things and attract situations to fulfill a set of feelings that you were programmed with as a child.

Maybe you grew up in a household where you had to ask for permission for everything.

Now, as an adult, you find yourself having to ask for permission or you attract people that boss you around.

You don’t do any of this consciously.

This is all about your subconscious.

Letting go is simply understanding the set of feelings, being able to realize it in the moment, taking a deep breathe, and letting go of that ‘addicted’ feeling or feelings.

Jeffery is an expert at this.

Most people do not understand why they do what they do. He will unequivocally assist you to uncover the feelings that explain your actions.

Tune in and discover Jeffrey’s answers to questions such as:

  • What advice do you have for an entrepreneur with everything going on in the world right now?
  • What insight can you offer on the skill of letting go?
  • What insight can you offer on the ability to attract like-minded clients?
  • Habits, skills, & routine… how important are these?
  • Jeff you have been through many challenges in life, how were you able to persevere & overcome your challenges?
  • And much, much more!

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About the Author: Jeffrey Combs

Jeffery Combs is a renowned author, speaker, and success/addiction coach who specializes in separating feelings from past events in a process called letting go. Jeffery started his business, Golden Mastermind Seminars 23 years ago in 1998, and since then has coached over 15,000 clients and 70,000 one-on-one hours. Jeff has published 5 books including a #1 on Amazon’s Best Selling list and has been featured on social media publications, magazines, radio, Fox, ABC, CBS, & Lifetime. Jeff is available for one-on-one coaching as well as keynote speeches, podcasts, zooms, and Facebook lives.

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