What does it take to be a 7-figure sales expert? Marketing and sales for 7-figures takes a different approach and mindset.

Sales expert, Cody May, shares his tips.

Tune in to hear Cody’s answers to questions such as:

  • Marketing for the now
  • Effective sales and communication with online lead generation
  • How to build more depth in our conversations with online leads
  • And much, much more!

Invitation From Our Guest

Download Cody’s 7-figure appointment playbook at sheridanst.io/7-figure-playbook

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About the Author: Cody May

Cody is an expert at paid advertising, sales and communications, and coaches entrepreneurs and real estate agents on those topics. He is the CEO of the marketing agency Sheridan St., Co-Author of the Amazon Best Selling book “What If You Could? The Mindset & Business Blueprint for Your Life of Purpose”, and Co-Host of the The RE Agent podcast. Cody’s expertise has been featured on Business Insider, Toronto Guardian, CHCH News, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Agent Advice, Ticker News Australia and many other business publications.

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