Instagram is an essential part of a business’s Marketing Strategy in today’s Digital World.

It helps us connect with a wider audience.

It helps us understand and connect with our existing customers, reach potential customers, learn about the market, and above all establish a dynamic online presence.

But Instagram isn’t just about posting pretty pictures or likes or comments, it’s more than that. It’s the digital upfront for a brand, it’s a relationship, a brand builds with its customers, it’s a brand’s presence in the whole wide digital world.

And that’s where Anjum Bhandari comes in. Anjum helps you to establish your unique identity and expand your brand’s reach through effective Instagram Marketing Strategy.

Tune in now and get Anjum Bhandari’s thoughts on:

  • Content Strategies to attract ideal clients to your Instagram
  • Getting visibility for your business on Instagram
  • Converting followers into customers
  • Overcoming camera shyness as a shy and introverted entrepreneur
  • And much, much more!

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About the Author: Anjum Bhandari

Anjum Bhandari worked for the corporate world before. She was just frustrated with her job as she had no creative freedom, no location-based freedom, nothing that made her feel happy to go to my office every morning. Finally one morning she decided she was going to quit. It was surely nerve-wracking because she was saying no to a stable income source. But Anjum did it anyhow because being her own boss is what she always dreamt of. Having a business of my own is what she wanted. Anjum saved up, invested, learned, implemented, and started to earn from Instagram with less than 500 followers. Now she teaches all her secrets, learnings, and experiences to business owners so that they can build a community and explode their business. Anjum am a social media-obsessed, content-creating Nerd who turned her passion into a career. She started Anjum Bhandari Marketing with the sole purpose of making a mark in the digital world supporting businesses to leverage the power of social media to help them grow. Anjum has worked and guided 25+ businesses, helped them nail their social media strategy, focusing on increasing metrics such as lead generation, inquiries, and sales.

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