In this empowering podcast episode, we explore the transformative journey of becoming more heart-centered before diving into sales conversations.

Rafi Shaik demystifies common myths surrounding traditional sales calls as we unveil a more authentic and compassionate approach. Gain confidence and valuable insights on navigating objections and rejections, equipping yourself with the skills to handle these challenges gracefully.

Join us for a dose of inspiration and practical wisdom that will elevate your sales conversations to a whole new level of genuine connection and success.

Tune in to hear Rafi Shaik’s answers to questions such as:

  • How to sell something without sounding salesy or pushy
  • Why having a honed in marketing can take off so much pressure on sales
  • Why having a niche makes sales & marketing so much easier compared to being a generalist
  • Why having a process & system is important in any aspect of sales & marketing
  • Why “Active” Follow ups after a call will not work
  • Why Copying Your Competitors is waste of time & effort
  • And much, much more!

Connect With Our Guest

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About the Author: Rafi Shaik

Rafi Shaik is a Financial Advisor who turned into a Coach helping Financial Advisors to build & grow 7-figure lifestyle businesses and take 100 days off. While I was successful in building big books of business, the relentless hours and stress began taking a toll. I found myself perpetually running on empty, struggling to spend meaningful time with my loved ones. That's when I realized I needed to change my approach if I wanted a fulfilling career and life. My quest for fulfillment in business & life helped me to discover resources & strategies which helped me to achieve my desired level of success in business & life. In just 3 years, I've have built a 7-figure (RYA) revenue generating practice and still took 100+ vacation days per year while still managing 7-figure client base.