Let’s face it. The selling landscape has changed radically and it’s harder than ever before.

It’s harder to stand out. It’s harder to get attention.

The internet has literally commoditized almost everything.

Or so we think…

The truth is, there has never been a bigger opportunity to stand out. The bigger truth is that it won’t happen because of your product or your service.

Being good at what you do is not a benefit today, it’s an expectation.

The only way you will stand out is based on the level and quality of your marketing and sales conversations. That is why Gene McNaughton designed The Sales EDGE selling system.

Tune in and discover Gene’s answers to questions such as:

  • What the heck? You are President of an Engineering company? I have known you for a long time and I don’t recall you talking about Civil Engineering…How did that happen?
  • You market and sell a highly technical engineering service – one would think that is all about black and white data. Is it really that way?
  • How have the principles of persuasion caused you to stand out and win work?
  • I am sure you have faced a lot of naysayers, and engineering people that have had issue with your lack of engineering experience – how are you handling that?
  • Let’s go see on how you use influence/persuasion skills — what are some of your go to’s to win business.
  • Who are your favorite virtual mentors?
  • And much, much more!

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About the Author: Gene McNaughton

12 years Gateway - helped build company to $10billion; Tony Robbins EVP global sales - and became the opening speaker for him; joined forces w legendary Chet Holmes to build Business Breakthroughs International — which has now become Tony Robbins Business Mastery Program. Launched his own Consulting company called Growthsmart— 10 years of working with major brand companies on marketing, sales, and Salesforce.com; Gene has personally consulted 159 companies —- in fact one of his most successful companies out of Europe hired him full time to launch their ground engineering company in the United States — he is currently the President Of Geobear USA - Americas newest premiere ground engineering companies located in Southern California